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The older I get the better I was... but after many years of idle burrowing the candle of desire is still burning and I have come to realise that running is as much a part of me as my heart and lungs... In Christmas 2008 I was 82kg and was not running a step..This is my journey , the journey of the wombat...Dogged...determined...persistent...and maybe a little grumpy.. but like the wombat my journey is territorial, its about running and I am going to work to protect it...Come along for the ride and see if I can become the wombat warrior. 2009 was a mixed bag for the wombat's journey.A top ten placing in both the Bridges and the City Surf brought a small sense of achievement but also a degree of frustration.... I think I can do better and better I will in 2010. A better run in the Busso Half iron man in support of TV in his swim and bike ride and that was about the extent of my racing. Lets see what happens in 2010 as "My journey Continues". Now in 2011 the wombat will continue his journey, but not alone the wombat has a youngling who knows how to dig. 2015 and its a new beginning , time goes on and the journey to the 2016 World Masters is under way.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Just Reflect

As the 2016 year draws to a close its time to look back and reflect on the year that was in an effort to make 2017 the year that will be.

In Perth, the chance to run in the World Masters again hit home the fact that I really miss racing and being competitive. That being said, the opportunity to be a part of the the Guildford Grammar Cross Country Team as a coach and mentor means that I can help others achieve personal excellence. Further to this the fact that I can mentor Young Caulfield and Doigy still gives me a buzz.

Reading that Troopy has come out of retirement to run another marathon also brought a smile to my face.He was always exciting to watch when he raced and he never left you guessing as to whether he had anything left.

As you go into 2017, look back through your diaries and see what did and didn't work. Then set a few goals and draw on those successes and failures of the 2016 year to make your journey that much better.

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